Sunday, September 27, 2009


After a long day of yard work, (clearing bushes, raking leaves, power washing down spider webs, spraying bug killer everywhere) I went outside to get the mail and guess what I found. . .

Number 1 is from the previous post and number 2 was tonight's find. Seriously, I'm a little tired of this. Guess I will be spraying even more Ortho tomorrow.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spider 2.0

Today as I was heading out to the mailbox I found this lovely spider building a web between my front door and the screen door.

And I don't think I need any help figuring out what type of spider this is.

Looks like tomorrow I know what I get to do.

Or maybe I'll just let them keep coming, that way I don't have to decorate for Halloween!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Up up and away

When I was a little kid a hot air balloon once landed in front of my house. All of the neighborhood kids ran out to see what was going on and the hot air balloonist decided to be nice and give each kid a short rid. Seriously, it was only like 5 ft in the air with the balloon tethered down, but still as a kid that was very exciting. So we all started to form a line to wait for out turn. As with my luck by the time it was my turn to ride the balloon he said he could no longer give any rides as he was out of fuel. It was a sad summer day as a kid.

Saturday the dream of actually riding in a hot air balloon came true. If you don't know, New Mexico is big on hot air balloons and almost every city holds some type of rally leading up to the big balloon show in Albuquerque. They only way you get to ride is if you sponsor a balloon. His company always sponsors a balloon and the boss gives the tickets to an employee. He said we got them this year because Steve is "awesome" and well we had never seen a balloon rally before.

The balloon getting blown up. At 6:30 in the morning mind you. Also never realized exactly how large the balloons are but just look at the tiny little people standing to the left.

Wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but just like airplanes I'm not a big fan of takeoffs. And look at the beautiful desert city. We do have a little grass around here.

Okay this picture is really random but i wanted to take a picture of the creepy cemetery. You can see a little in the top left corner. I know all cemeteries are somewhat creepy but because grass is so hard to grow they only grow grass on the past 50 year deaths. Everywhere else they just keep it dirt. So some of the sections of this graveyard are a good 150 yrs old with dirt and falling apart headstones.

This was the view behind us. Look at that pretty little city. I think they said this year at the rally there were 75 balloons that went up, so obviously just a small sampling.

And the landing. I learned that you just have to land where the balloon wants and when you are out of fuel. For us this was the middle of the road. It was so funny, as we were landing several cops pulled up. One got out and came over to talk to the pilot to ask if there were any problems and why we landed in the middle of the road. Our captain said that you have to go down when the balloon tells you so you don't crash. The officer seemed a little mad and just left. The second officer pulled up and said that he was sorry for the first officer. This was his first month on the job and he had never seen a balloon rally. The second officer just followed out the first to see what he would do.

That was the balloon ride. Very fun and now I guess I can say I have at least ridden in one.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Everything black

When Steve and I first got married seven years ago my wonderful parents helps us get into our very first place. I was a little condo in Orem that we both just loved. It was small, 800sf, but just what we needed. At the time my mom owned a home decor store and whenever I needed anything to decorate i would just head over there and pick something out. I loved it, and best of all she has a real knack for decorating. She must change her decor in her house at least six times a year. (Mom, Jenn will back me up on this one.)

Over the years, she has been around to help me decorate each of the bazillion houses that I have lived in, except the New Mexico house. (For some reason I just cant convince her to fly down here to help me pick out paint colors.) So this time I had to figure it all out on my own.

I would still love to change out the fan but need a few extra bucks and need to figure out what I want to put up there. But here it is so far.

And this picture is especially for my mom. She pointed me to an awesome website (here). This lady paints "everything black" and shows you how to decorate on a budget! Amazing! This before picture really isn't the best as I really didn't take a good before picture and had to search through my old pictured to find one of it. But it shows you the general color that both pieces were. The painting was almost a must because of that cute little cat that you see in the picture. She found that the legs of that sofa table were great scratching posts and the litter box was getting a little stinky and needed an update.

I think it turned out great, and of course some new silver knobs finish it off.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

any guesses?

I found this spider on my back porch last night. . yuck! It was huge and and those little scale looking things on its back were baby spiders. Any guess on what type of spider this is? Kind of nasty and now I think i might just spray for bugs.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Seven years

Yeah that's right, today is a big day. . seven years that I've been married! Some days it seems like is been forever and others I cant believe its already been seven. After all these years I would have to say I love this guy more and more each day. Thanks for the great seven years babe!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall is here, the New Mexico way.

I've decided that this is going to be a long fall. I've had a few friends comment on facebook how excited for fall they are. The crisp air, the leaves changing, the wonderful colors.

I was excited until tonight. I was in class this evening and the campus security came in and informed us that there was a problem on campus. The security guard informed us that "ALL students needed to be walked out to their cars by security or at least with someone else." After he stated that we needed an escort to our car he then proceeded to inform us that the campus had an infestation of these. . .

EEEK! He told us that they found a total of 9 rattlesnakes hiding under peoples cars TODAY! Yes, 9 rattlesnakes! He said that as fall approaches the rattlesnakes will be more present and that we need to be VERY cautious as almost every year at least one person is bitten on by a rattlesnake on campus.
So as all of you are enjoying the beautiful fall colors just remember me, running to my car and jumping in for the next 3 months! Hope you all have a wonderful fall.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A big shout-out!

I just want to publicly thank the person that stole my vacuum.