Sunday, August 29, 2010

an oldie but goodie

Its been a busy week with school starting and all. Haven't had a lot of time to add a new update so today is an old picture I found when looking on the camera. Its amazing to me that it was only about two months ago that this picture was take. Only two months. Two months go by in the blink of an eye and everything changes about a baby. I love every moment that I get to spend with him. I am blessed.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby laughes

Finally caught the laugh on camera, enjoy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bad cough

Eli was feeling a little under the weather this morning. Because of this I was really babying him. By the afternoon, he was feeling much better but he realized that if he coughed I would come running and show him some more of that baby love.

Bad bad cough.

Poor poor baby Eli. Guess he needs an extra few hugs and snuggles tonight.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hair no more

When Eli was born I was driving somewhere in Idaho. I remember the call well. K.'s mom called on the phone to say he was being delivered at that moment. I heard his first cry. It is a moment that I will never forget and a moment that still makes my eyes a little misty. I was with my mom, we both started to cry. Through the tears I remember asking K.'s mom a big question. I'm sure you are thinking you know what that question would be. . .

Is he healthy?
How much does he weigh?
How is K. doing?
Did everything go well for her?

But no, my first question was, "Does he have hair?"

Who thinks that as their first question?!? But K's mom replied, "YES! a full head of black hair."

Today I am sad to announce that the full head of black hair is gone. Eli only has a few wisps, on the top of his head, of that black baby down. I can no longer make a cute mohawk or sweet baby curl. We don't need to use baby shampoo as there is nothing to lather.

I miss that hair, the last sign of newborn is gone, but I am totally in love with the little guy he is growing up to be.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A trip to utah

The trip to Utah was great. I was wonderful to see family and have Eli meet my sisters family. It was a busy week filled with a lot of fun activities; the dinosaur museum, toy store visits, chuck-e-cheese and even fishing.

This boy LOVES being outside.

Fishing was the favorite for all the boys. Sam and Ben each caught a fish.

Eli even tried his hand at fishing, but didn't have as much luck as Sam and Ben.
After a bit of fishing it started to get cold, Ben liked being in his blanket "spaceship."
Eli also stayed nice and warm in a big sweatshirt.
After fishing the boys were very dirty and needed a bath. Ben was such a helper with Eli.
Eli had a great time meeting his cousins and i think they had a great time meeting Eli. I hope we get to do it again next summer!

Friday, August 6, 2010

A fun trip for Eli and sleepy boys

This weekend the family is headed up to Albuquerque to see the aunt who helped make this adoption possible. This is her first time meeting Eli. On Sunday i am then flying to spend a week with my family in Utah. Steve is not coming due to work and will be missed but Eli and I are so excited to see my sister, her husband and her two cute boys. (My poor mom, all boy grandsons.)

So that brings us to last night. I started to pack for this trip. I told Steve to pack his suitcase and that i was going to be in Eli's room packing for him. As i left for Eli's room i head the sweet conversation between Eli and Steve. They were talking to each other and it was so fun to hear a dad/baby conversation. A few minuets later things went pretty quiet. I didn't think much of it but as a few more minuets went by i started to get a little worried. Two boys making no noise=trouble.
I walked in and saw this. . .

Oh nice Eli is asleep, so where is Steve?

Oh sweet, Steve is also asleep. Silly boys.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

tub chub

A little over 15 days ago Eli had this picture take. Today he looks like this. He sure is getting chubby and I love every ounce of that chub.